Optimizing your web sites could be hard as you will need to alter your backend code quite a bit to make your webpages perform faster. Nonetheless, it is possible to greatly enhance your website’s performance, with no need to alter anything at all in the backend. Through the help of the Web Accelerator Tools, utilized in the Web Control Panel, you could make your websites come up and perform better than before. This will not only benefit your end users (everyone likes the web page they are visiting to work fast), but will even help your website climb higher in search engine listings.

Dealing with the Web Accelerator Tools is really painless. Merely log into the Web Control Panel and check out exactly how each web accelerator instrument functions.


RAM–saving as a substitute for data–base calls

If you have a database–dependent web site or web app, and if data–base requests often slow up the effectiveness, this can be really disheartening for the web–site visitors as well as the web application consumers. Seeking out a remedy normally can take a great deal of time. Nonetheless, in the OmniComm Solutions Web Control Panel, you will discover a resolution for you.

Memcached is an easy, yet effective memory–based object store, that caches information and objects in the RAM. By doing this, the database–saved information on your website will not need to be querried every time a website visitor loads the exact same web page.

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RAM–caching instead of HTTP requests

Utilizing the Varnish web accelerator tool incorporated into our Web Control Panel, you may make your web site web pages come up more quickly for your visitors. All adjustments are carried out using a simple interface, without needing to produce any immediate corrections to the back–end code of your website.

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator that can help the webpages load better by saving them inside the server’s RAM. In this way, right after a webpage has been loaded by a customer one time, it does not have to be delivered by the server anymore, which generally lowers loading times and boosts your pages. It has been calculated that Varnish usually will increase website loading times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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An effective way to develop flexible web applications

If you desire to construct a web application, you ought to have the equipment you will need at hand at once, without the need to search, assemble and set them up. OmniComm Solutions’s Web Control Panel can help you save both time and money, by providing you with the equipment you may need right close at hand.

The Node.js application helps coders, no matter whether they’re experts or not, to build flexible network programs and websites. It’s powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and the libUV. Node.js uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it compact as well as useful, ideal for data–intensive real–time web applications operating over distributed devices.

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