Some time ago, the cPanel Control Panel seemed to be an undeniable leader on the web hosting marketplace. Its reputation grew so big that these days cPanel is an analog of Control Panel. However, the cPanel Control Panel has been built on out of date ideas and what worked well a few years ago is just not valid presently.

That’s why, we invented the OmniComm Solutions Control Panel, centered around the concepts of today and ready for the trials of the future. It has been intended to function in the cloud, to be simple and to also help you control every aspect of your web presence: website, domain name and billing, all from one location.

1. Domain name/invoicing/web site controls

If you’d like to handle your domain names, websites and billing from just one web address without having to visit any other interfaces, the OmniComm Solutions Control Panel is definitely for you.

The cPanel Control Panel doesn’t provide synchronised control over domains and sites. You will get one invoicing panel for your domains and bills, and another Control Panel for your websites.

2. File Structure

In the OmniComm Solutions Control Panel, all your web sites and subdomains are going to be separated from one another. Each web site is going to have its very own folder isolated from the rest within the home folder of your cloud hosting account. You can easily move from focusing on one web site to dealing with another.

If you try to look after several websites from a single cPanel account, it could be very difficult. You have just one master website and all additional web sites and subdomains are going to be included into its folder as sub–directories. If you’d like to have a standalone folder for every single website, you must use different Control Panel tools for each.

3. File Manager

With the File Manager in the OmniComm Solutions Control Panel, you will have total control over the data files of your websites. You’ll be able to quickly upload new files by using drag–and–drop feature, efficiently modify a few files simultaneously through the multi–selection option, unarchive archives with a mouse click, modify files utilizing the built–in basic and WYSWYG editors and much more.

The File Manager integrated in the cPanel Control Panel was modified a few times throughout the years, but it still is unable to offer good results in comparison to the other online data file administration instruments. You are not able to make use of a drag–n–drop functionality to add data files, the zip/unzip tool can be hard to rely on from time to time and the file editing user interface is limited in capabilities.

4. No–cost Bonus Tools

In case you are searching to get more for your money, then the OmniComm Solutions Control Panel is the best answer. It has free–of–cost bonus tools that are estimated to cost you more than $1000. You will be able to work with our Website Installer Tool, App Installer, Framework Installer, Cost Free Web Site Creating Application and you’ll have access to a substantial selection of no–cost design templates.

The free–of–charge gifts included in the cPanel Control Panel could differ from N/A to several. All of the free–of–cost add–ons within the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and will be accessible on condition that your website hosting vendor has bought a certificate to supply them. So, if your provider no–charge tools with your plan, they’ll in reality raise the value of the service.

5. Control Panel Performance Rates

The OmniComm Solutions Control Panel is created employing the latest Internet technologies. That way, it utilizes fully the power of your web browser and Internet access to so you can manage your websites quickly. In our comparison tests, when doing identical operations, the Control Panel showed 3 times faster rates in comparison to the competition.

cPane is made to be installed on a wide array of systems utilizing many different hardware set–ups. As a result, it isn’t completely optimized to work on a particular platform, which might have negative effect on speeds and security. Moreover, It can be even slower at times of higher server load.

6. Multi–domain name Administration

With the OmniComm Solutions Control Panel, you are able to control numerous domain names and web sites from just one place. Moving between domain name management and website administration is carried out simply by changing to a new section of the Control Panel. It’s not necessary to log into a separate web address to control your web sites.

If you try to host many different domain names in a cPanel hosting account, you’ll end up facing a truly perplexing folder hierarchy. In general, cPanel website hosting accounts are made to handle one domain name. In this way, in order to handle 10 domain names concurrently, for example, you will need to create ten different accounts. Or else, all additional domain names’ files will be based in the folder of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

When using the OmniComm Solutions Control Panel, you will be able to quickly move from one area to another working with our very useful top menu. It features links to every section of the Control Panel along with a quick description of what precisely you’re able to do there. This way, even if you don’t understand what the name of the section implies, you’ll be able to fairly quickly become familiar with its functionalities.

The cPanel Control Panel displays all icons in the homepage, meaning that it’s not personalized to your specific necessities. Furthermore, once you enter a menu, you are not able to quickly move to another one and need to to get back to the homepage instead. This sort of navigation could be definitely discouraging for you, especially if you work with lots of sections anytime you edit your web sites.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts

The OmniComm Solutions Control Panel features a fully featured demo that includes almost every menu and functionality it is bundled with. You could start setting up a site, add apps, set up email addresses, etcetera. This way, you can obtain a far more all–embracing understanding of its user interface and functionalities before signing up.

The cPanel Control Panel offers a general demo interface that does not provide you with access to the main site managing tools you want to analyze. It’ll show you how a simple home page appears to be and you will have access to just a few of all the offered controls. All other sections will be turned off until you enroll.

Instead of just learning facts about the OmniComm Solutions Web Control Panel, you can easily take a look at our Live Demo to see yourself how uncomplicated web site administration may be.

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